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to the right. the northeast quadrant is always the worst. so that's what's coming into new york city. rick described what the weather first alert forecasters locally have been fathering all day long and that is that at some point in a matter of minutes, not hours, water will rise from here to here. that's a sturgeon. it happens very quickly and the fear is that this afternoon, first map, please, it's going to happen in new york city. high tide around -- this is new york city lower manhattan, all these yellow areas are mandatory evacuation areas. all over this island. next map and you will see that it's really all over the five burrows of new york city. brooklyn, staten island, the lower end of manhattan, queens and all along these beaches. all mandatory evacuations. a sturgeon is on the way. next map. it's going to come right up through the center of all of this. it's gonna batter into new york city. this is fire irelandal island "island. a storm that cut a government cut a long time ago. dude road in the hamptons, all of this expected to get a sturgeon somewhere between 6 feet and 11 feet
hezbollah is responsible? >> first of all, tracking the flight path. according to israeli media, military officials in that country are pretty confident that this drone took off south of siden, the coastal city in lebanon, then flew south over the mediterranean, took a left turn, came in over the gaza strip before heading in over the southern israeli desert where it was brought down. secondly, they point out that hezbollah has a history with drones. they launched one during the war between hezbollah and israel back in 2006. that one flew successfully. there was a less successful launch a couple of years before that. as for a reason, israeli military officials believe that the hezbollah may have been flying this drone on behalf of their allies, iran, trying to get reconnaissance information on a nuclear facility in southern israel. >> shep: and iran weighing in. >> a member of the revolutionary guard saying ha what it shows is that israel's air defenses don't work. in particular the so-called iron dome system. israeli officials point out that's a missile defense system. not a low flying pl
. a live look coming now across the hudson in new jersey. half of the city in the dark, including the financial district. where the markets opened today for the first time after the storm. a deficit stated region begins to crawl back to life. >> we have a ways to go but we're beginning to make some real progress. two days after sandy hits the northeast like a sledge hammer the rescues continue. homeowners up and down the east coast now getting their first look at towns that may never be the same again. tonight, president obama surveys the damage in new jersey. >> our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones. >> and promises that relief is on the way. plus, remember the election? >> i know we have huge challenges. but i'm not trend by them. >> shepard: with less than a week to go until the next goes to the polls, governor romney jumps back on the campaign trail. but first from fox this wednesday night, assessing the damage after the unprecedented storm and with each hour the full scope of sandy's destruction is becoming clearer. earlier today, president obama toured t
at hand. shep? >> shepard: craig boswell just outside of atlantic city, new jersey. thanks. the president plans to visit jersey tomorrow to get a first-hand look at the storm damage. he will join governor chris christie. we will will hear from the president and governor christie wilre in fox report for an interview coming up minutes from now. as i reported, it was a massive fire last night in new york city that destroyed now i'm told as many as 100 homes in the breezy point section of queens just across the river from manhattan. that's a close-knit, mostly blue collar community been there for generations of people. it's on a spit of land that juts out two miles south of the famous coney island. a lot of retired cops and firefighters live there have for years and i know firsthand they absolutely love it or did will until now. authorities say this fire likely started in one or more homes nearby. the high winds just pushed it from home to home to home. hear listen. >> it's been a very very upsetting situation. more for my friends' lives than houses. the lives are worth more than any of the p
to the parents of andrea habberman, she was killed on the 92nd floor. she was on first business trip to new york stock exchange -- new york city on 9/11. she wanted to be in court and walk along the defense table and look the five 9/11 suspects in the eye to see if they even had a soul. four years ago president obama said he would close the camps here at guantanamo bay. four years later 166 detainees remain. what we expect is that the ultimate trial will take place a year from now and some of these families who lost adult children have told me that they believe they will probably be dead before this trial is finished and all of the appeals are exhausted, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge at guantanamo bay tonight, thank you. turkey reports it's intercepted another plane bound for syria. turkish officials ordered armenian plane flying to syrian city of aleppo to land. they searched its cargo and then cleared it when they confirmed it was carrying humanitarian aid. last week turkey intercepted syrian plane headed from moscow to damascus. the turkish prime minister claimed it was carrying russia
is the first of three, of course. the next one is october the 16th. new york city at hofstra. the next on october the 22nd in boca raton and the one and only vice presidential debate is a week from tomorrow in danville, kentucky we will have coverage of all the debates right here on fnc. updating some of fox top stories tonight. officials in mexico deny they made a arrest on deadly border agent. the family of the agent who died to offer condolences. exxon mobil plant outside of houston. it's seems some diesel ignited. the fire does not impose environmental threat and nobody is hurt. turkey asking the united nations to take necessary action to stop the violence in syria. this after the turkish prime minister officer fired a mortar that killed five turkish citizens in a young town including a young boy. today turkey struck back at syria with attacks of its own. and on this day in 1895, the author stephan crane published the iconic civil war novel "the red badge of courage." crane was but 24 years old too young to have experienced the war himself. his tally of a -- tale of a union private
there in five years and it's been complaining about poorly stored pallets since the first one. an investigation underway. nobody hurt. >>> utah. this woman says she was sitting in her home south of salt lake city when she saw a guy stealing her bike right outside the front door. >> i just immediately stood up and ran out the door. >> she didn't even have shoes on. but she flagged down a driver and followed the guy while she dialed the cops. they eventually caught him. >>> florida. zoo keepers outside miami say the public is just days from seeing this little guy, oliver. a baby monkey born at the zoo. the staff says these monkeys are among the smartest and most socialable monkeys you will find and that's a fox watch across america. >> bill: that deadly meningitis outbreak killed yet another person. now there are new accusations about the pharmacy linked to the contaminated medicine. details on that in a moment here. but first, football star turned actor alex karas died today. a big man with an even bigger personality. he started his career as a defensive lineman with the detroit lions in 1958. a
died of a gunshot wound a week ago during a protest in a port city. those rallies have continue ited against a new law that lets the government sell off land near the panama canal. demonstrators claim it will hurt the local economy. the boy was the first victim of violence that killed at least two others and hurt dozens more. poland, folks are flocking to warsaw to take in the golden autumn. the turning of the leaves attracts locals and tourists around the world to the capital city which has some 70 parks. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> when lance armstrong cheats, nobody wins. after stripping him of his seven tour de france titles. those race also remain forever with no winner. armstrong lost the titles under allegations he was using performance enhancing drugs. he is not the only suspected drug cheat from those years. once considered the glory days of the sport but no more. in a statement explaining why they won't assign armstrong's title cycling officials acknowledging why this may appear harsh for those who rode clean they would understand there
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)